Unique Décor for All Occasions!

Our high quality balloons are available in a wide selection of colors, sizes, and finishes. We also create dramatic balloon sculptures for special events. Prices for individual items are "starting at" prices. Prices listed do not include accessories, delivery and taxes.

GRAND OPENING - Promotional Products including: Cloth Banners, Pennants, Blimps, Link Letters, Cloud Busters, Vinyl Signs & Numbers, and Promotional Balloons!!!

Promotional Packages


DecorXpress Special

Everything you need for a gorgeous and affordable reception!

  • 3 Fantasy clouds
  • Upto 6 - 3 balloons centrepieces.
  • 1 String-o-pearl Arch (16ft span) .
  • 4 - 9 balloon Bouquets OR 2 - 5ft braided Column (Free 18"mylar toppers of choice)
  • Free Delivery Upto 3 miles.
  • Basic Set-up/Install upto 4 items sold seperately.


Silver Package

Designed for a small unique private celebration. Package consists of:

  • 4 - 5ft braided Columns (free 18" toppers).
  • 4 - String-o-Pearl Arch (upto 18ft span each).
  • 10 - 3 balloon centrepieces.
  • Free Delivery upto 3 miles.
  • Basic Set-up/Install sold seperately.


Gold Package


  • 4 - 9 Balloon Bouquets (free 18" mylar toppers of choice).
  • 20 Additional Single Inflated Latex Balloons.
  • 3 Floating Topiaries.
  • 1 Braided (18 - 20ft span) Spiral Arch.
  • 4 Upside down chandeliers (hanging bouquets- medium sizes).
  • Delivery and Basic Set-up/Install sold seperately.


Platinum Package


  • 2 - Braided 6ft. Palm Tree Sculptures OR 1 - Walkthrough Heart Sculpture (medium size) .
  • 1 Additional (15-18ft) braided balloon arch.
  • 2 Additional 9 balloon bouquets. (free 18" mylar toppers of choice)
  • Delivery and Basic Set-up/Install sold seperately.
Braided Balloon Arch

Tall spiral arch or small double booth arch.

Available in four sizes:

  • Small: 5ft-6ft wide ($125.00)
  • Medium: 7ft-9ft wide ($235.00)
  • Large: 10ft-12ft wide ($345.00)
  • The Giant: 13ft-15ft wide ($475.00)

For sizes over 15ft wide please call for pricing

String of Pearls Arch

Can be created to stand alone or as a topper for columns. They can be customized in various styles for dramatic effect.

Available in three sizes:

  • Small: up to 8' (from $40)
  • Medium: 10' - 12' (from $70)
  • Large: 13' - 16' (from $98)
Heart Sculptures

Finished size is about 36" x 40". Two hearts can be joined to create a cupid effect with other décor to create canopies, arches, etc.

Available in three sizes:

  • Small: up to 4' (from $55)
  • Medium: 5' - 6' (from $139)
  • Large: 7' - 9' (from $250)
Balloon Bouquets

From $18

Bouquets are available in quantities of 6, 8, or 12 balloons. Foil balloons with your choice of words can be added to personalize your bouquet. Bouquets can be arranged either stacked or staggered.

Fantasy Clouds

From $45

A 16" clear helium filled balloon is stuffed with an balloon and nested with two columns of four quad balloons and is suspended from the ground to give the illusion of a floating balloon cloud.


From $75

Available in solid, spiral, twisted, or packed form, with 2 to 4 colors max. They range from 6 to 12 feet tall. Customized sizes can also be ordered. Circle, star and spiked toppers are available.


From $30

Floating topiary are available in a minimum of 8 balloons. They are great as backdrops or centerpieces.


add $10

You can add any topper to your order.

18" or 36" for heart, star, and circle foil toppers

Also available in 18", 20" and 24" latex balloon toppers.

Garland (Helium filled balloon arches)

From $95

Looking to make a magical impression? This arch fills space while creating a memorable and colorful atmosphere of celebration.

Walkthrough Heart Sculpture

From $275

About 9 feet tall and 9 feet wide for that specail walk of a lifetime. They can be placed at entrances for the bridal party to walk through.

Free Floaters (Wedding Bubbles)

From $38

A 24" clear balloon is stuffed with eitehr 5" or balloons. This is combined with ribbons and silk flowers. It can be used as a centerpiece or left to stand at various vantage points to create an ambience for your celebration.

Hot Air Balloon

From $45

About 6 feet tall.

Star Sculpture

Available in three sizes:

  • Small: up to 4' (from $65)
  • Medium: 5' - 6' (from $150)
  • Large: 7' - 9' (from $278)
Single Inflated Balloons

$1 each

Large amounts of single inflated balloons tied with curled ribbons (3 ft) are guaranteed to add color to any celebrtion. Balloons are treated with Ultra Hi-Float to extend float time. We also accept customer provided balloons to fill!

Double Stuffed Balloons

$2 each

Double stuffing balloons enables us to creat unique colors to match your specific needs.

Tabletop Glories

$10 each

A very unique and affordable tabletop centerpiece made of pull bow, tulle, sprays, and topped with a flower.

Other Printed Balloons (helium filled)
  • Farm Animals (from $1.25)
  • Floral shapes (from $2.50)
  • Cartoon Characters (from $1.25)
  • Mylar/Foil Balloons (from $3.99)
  • Decor shapes (from $4.99)
Christmas Balloon Décor
  • Six Foot Snowman or Santa Claus ($120)
  • Candy Canes: 4 balloons/row ($10 per linear foot)
  • Christmas Trees (3' = $65, 6' = $100)
  • Holiday Wreaths (3' tall = $60)
  • Air Filled Garlands ($7 per linear foot)
Special Effects, Drops & Releases
  • 250 Balloon drop or release ($450)
  • 500 Balloon drop or release ($750)
  • 1000 Balloon drop and release ($1500)
  • 2000 Balloon drop and release ($2500)

*$80 per technician labor if required

Accessories & Applications
  • Hi-Float application to indiviual balloons to prolong/extend floating time ($0.25 each)
  • Tulle or pull bow add-ons ($0.99 each)

*$80 per technician labor if required

Organic Garland Arch
  • 14ft Slim Cluster ($169 each)
  • 14ft Dense Cluster ($325 each)
  • 20ft Dense Cluster ($625 each)


Client assumes all weather related risks involve, should the materials/products become unusable due to extreme weather conditions or any other factor beyond DecorXpress Balloons Control. Clients shall still be liable for payments in full of all charges. With balloons once inflated, there’re no refunds, exchanges or replacements – all sales are final.